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Helpful Cooking Tips and Too Spicy Foods


Sometimes cooking tips and too spicy food problems are needed to save a recipe or dish that you have worked hours on. Or perhaps the dish was simple and easy to make but you added too much of some ingredient and now you are worried your guests or family will not like it.

Do not give up hope too fast. There are some cooking tips and too spicy remedies that may be able to save the dish and save your reputation in the process.

If you over salt food, you can often fix the problem by simply adding more of the food to the pot. For instance, if you are making a can of corn and you over salt it, simply pour another can of corn into the pot and save the leftovers for the next time.

You can also sometimes add water to fix an over salt problem or use water to rinse off the food. This is not always a possibility but can be used at times.

Other cooking tips and too spicy problems occur with over peppering food. As above, if you can add more food to the pot or dish that might be enough to balance out the pepper. You can also rinse pepper off at time, such as on pasta that has just been seasoned.

There are times when you need cooking tips and too spicy fixes when you have added too much of something like onions or green peppers. The only two ways to solve this problem is to add more food to the dish or to pick the items out of the dish. Picking them out is not too awful if they are big enough to get hold of, but often they have been chopped small. In that case, the best cooking tips and too spicy fix is to get more of the particular product and add it to the dish. Again, you can save the leftovers.

If you over add a liquid such as vinegar, some of the cooking tips and too spicy fixes that might work include rinsing off the product or adding a bit of sugar. If there was a lot of vinegar added, you should rinse. If the amount is small, some sugar will often cut the taste. You will want to add the sugar in small doses and taste as you go. Much of this process is by eye or gut; however you want to call it.

You can also find many cooking tips and too spicy fixes online or in various cook books that are on the market both online and off line.

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