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Easy Cooking Tips for Eggs


Did you know that there are many easy cooking tips for eggs that just about anyone can use no matter how experienced they may be in the kitchen?

One of the most important cooking tips for eggs is to use fresh products. The longer your product has been in the refrigerator the more flavor it will use. Here are a few more useful cooking tips for eggs.

• Break your products just before using. Breaking them too early will cause them to lose their freshness.
• You should break your products on a flat surface which allows the shell to stay together in larger pieces. Breaking shells on the edge of bowls causes small pieces of shell to fall into your mix.
• Two great cooking tips for eggs are to try to avoid foaming when you are mixing and straining eggs enhances texture and flavor.
• Whenever possible, remove any foam that appears.
• Whenever it is safe to do so, cover with cloth under the lid when steaming eggs. This will prevent water from dripping onto the surface.
• You should use a strong fire for the first 1-2 minutes, then reduce the flame until the process is finished. To check if steamed eggs are finished, insert the tip of a toothpick. If clear liquid is in the hole the eggs are done.
• It is a good idea to be sure not to overcook. Your dish will become hard, and lose flavor and texture if over cooked.
• Allow your product to slowly warm to room temperature before you begin boiling them. Dropping them into boiling water straight from the refrigerator will result in cracking.
• You can boil your products from cold water. This slowly brings the product to temperature without causing cracks.
• Soft boiled eggs take 5-6 minutes. Hard boiled takes twice the time. Good cooking tips for eggs to remember.
• Overcooking discolors the yolk. Two cooking tips for eggs to keep in mind are that yolks will solidify without boiling if put in a pot of hot water for a long time. Whites remain half soft unless boiled.

These are only a few of the useful cooking tips for eggs that anyone can use. Try them and watch your family smile with contentment.

A great way to learn more tricks and techniques is to go online and do a search. You will find many reliable and reputable places that share online information for this very versatile food. You can also find great idea and cooking tips for eggs in most cook books.

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